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Books 31 - 40
Jackie : Beyond the Myth of Camelot
Kelleher K.L.

Discover the books Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis loved to read during her White House years, and as a book editor.

Jackie after Jack
Andersen Christopher

She captured the world's imagination as First Lady. Without JFK, she achieved a kind of global fame rarely known in XX century. Yet, in spite of it all, and the billions of words written about her, Jaqueline Kennedy Onassis still remained veiled in mistery and mystique. This book draws on newly uncovered information, accompanied by dozens of rare photographs. The result is the real Jaqueline Kennedy Onassis, revealed as never before.

Jackie as Editor
[The Literary Life of Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis]
Lawrence Greg

An absorbing chronicle of a much-overlooked chapter of Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis's life - her nineteen-year editorial career.
History remembers Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis as the consummate first lady, the nation's tragic widow, the millionaire's wife and, of course, the quintessential embodiment of elegance. Her biographers. however, tend to skip over an equally important stage in her life : her nearly twenty-year-long career as a book editor. "Jackie as Editor" is the first book to focus exclusively on this remarkable woman's editorial career.

Jackie Kennedy
[Protagonista del suo tempo]
Dherbier Yann-Brice & Verlhac Pierre-Henri

Italian edition.
An From Pierre-Henri Verlhac and Yann-Brice Dherbier, the editors of the best-selling John F. Kennedy: A Life in Pictures, comes its companion about Jackie Kennedy—a visual voyage through the life of Jackie, also known as Jackie Bouvier, Jackie Kennedy, Jackie Onassis.
 This volume features the most exquisite photographs, many of which are previously unpublished, ever taken of America’s legendary First Lady, as well as a biography and personal notes.

Jackie , Ethel & Joan : Women of Camelot
Taraborrelli Randy J

This book is the first to really examine the relationship among the three Kennedy wives. Using extensive research and a wealth of information available to no other biographer, bestelling author J.Randy Taraborrelli truly captures the special sisterhood shared by the three famous Kennedy wives - Jacqueline Bouvier, Ethel Skakel and Joan Bennet.

Jackie , Ethel & Joan : Women of Camelot
Larry Shaw (director)


From the best selling novel by J.Tandy taraborelli, "Jackie Ethel Joan" traces 20 years of remarkable triumphs, shocking scandals and almost insurmountable odds in the lives of these remarkable, resilient, complex and explosively different women.
This is the true inside story of the remarkable, infamous Kennedy reign told through the eyes of the three women who lived it.

Keogh Pamela Clarke

Jacqueline Bouvier Kennedy Onassis was known by many names, but to us, she is Jackie. And whether she liked it or not, she was the most famous woman in the world. "No one else looked like her, spoke like her, wrote like her, or was so original in the way she did things" said her brother-in-law Senator Edward Kennedy.
This biography details the singular life that made Jackie an icon and contributed so greatly to her ensuring appeal.

Jackie's Treasures
Condon Diane Russel

Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis was loved and admired the world over, and the auction of her personal belongings in April 1996 created a media frenzy. In this book there is the behind-the-scenes  story of what has been deemed "the estate auction of the century". For 4 days the world stood by awestruck as personal belongings of the First Lady and American icon, Jacqueline Bouvier Kennedy Onassis, were sold at the gavel. Held in New York by Sotheby's - the world's most prestigious auction house - the results were nothing short of spectacular, with a first night's total sales of 4.47 Million $.

Jacqueline Bouvier Kennedy
Gethers Steven

Jacqueline Bouvier Kennedy was one of the world's most celebrate women. This is the story of her life from her childhood through her reign as America's First Lady.
Thoroughly documented, this is an affectionate portrait of the years, events and people who mattered in the incredible life of Jacqueline Bouvier Kennedy.

Jacqueline Bouvier Kennedy Onassis - A Life
Donald Spoto

From the distinguished author of 18 international bestselling biographies comes the first complete account of perhaps the most famous woman of the twentieth century. In this book, Donald Spoto separates her from the many legend, the gossip and the plain untruths that have obscured Jackie's life.
It is based on the author's unprecedented access to a wealth of new material gleaned from her own writings, from documents at the school she attended, from the archives of the JFK Library and from interviews with those who knew her best.

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