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A thousand days of magic

Cassini Oleg

During the thousand days of the Kennedy administration, Cassini designed over 300 outfits for Jackie Kennedy - coats, dresses, evening gowns, suits and day wear. He coordinated every aspect of her wardrobe, from shoes and hats to gloves and handbags. In this book, for the first time, he offers a fascinating and comprehensive view of his role as Jackie's personal couturier.

A Woman named Jackie

Heyman David C.

For more than 30 yrs she was the focus of unparalleled fascination and uninterrupted curiosity, the most pursued, written-about, photographed and famous woman of our time.
In the pages of this book, David Heyman unravels the riddle of the complex life and character of Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis.

All Too Human
[The love story of Jack and Jackie Kennedy]

Klein Edward

The private bonds that united John and Jacqueline Kennedy have always remained shrouded in secrecy and misunderstanding. In this book Edward Klein, a friend of Jackie, recreates the Kennedy marriage in unprecedented detail, shedding new light on the relationship at the heart of Camelot, from their first meeting in 1951 to the President's assassination in 1963.

American Journey
[The times of Robert Kennedy]

Stein Jean

An oral history of the life & times of Robert F. Kennedy. Interviews conducted by Jean Stein. Edited by George Plimpton.

This book is the story of a complex, many-sided man, told in the voices of the enormous variety of people who knew him. It is the history of Robert Kennedy, the son, the brother, the husband and father, the Attorney General, the Senator, the Presidential candidate, the man.
It is the story - startling in its vividness, heartbreaking in its poignancy - of just what Robert Kennedy was and meant, and what he might have been.

American Legacy
[The story of John and Caroline Kennedy]

C.David Heymann

In "American Legacy", bestselling author C.David Heymann draws upon a voluminous archive of personal interviewes to present a telling portrait of John and Caroline Kennedy.
A longtime biographer of various members of the Kennedy clan, including Jackie and Robert Kennedy, Heymann covers John's and Caroline's childhood in the White House, the dark aftermath of their father's assassination, their uneasy adolescence, and the many challenges they faced as adults, under the glaring eye of the media. He reveals John's ad Caroline's loving but at times trying relationship with their larger-than-life mother, as well as Jackie's own emotional struggles, romantic relationships and financial concerns following JFK's death.

American Son

Blow Richard

The last, defining years in the life of John F.Kennedy, Jr,  as seen by an Editor who worked for him as "George" Magazine.

An Honorable Profession : A  Tribute to Robert F.Kennedy

Salinger Pierre

In the hours and days just after the murder, numberless testimonials were paid to Robert F.Kennedy by men in high station, in newspaper editorials, and in television and radio commentaries. A lot of them are collected in this book.

Aphrodite - Desperate Mission

Olsen Jack

The incredible and true story of the World War II top secret mission to destroy Nazi V-2 ballistic rocket bases designed to rain ballistic missile death on London and New York City.
Born in desperation and carried out with foolhardy courage and at the cost of brave men's lives, Mission Aphrodite was a real-life, aerial "Guns of Navarone scheme that called volunteers to guide B-17 drone planes packed with explosives into the Nazi V-2 rocket bases. It was a concept so daring and innovative that the mission would lay the groundwork for America's own guided missile program.
This book is filled with gripping personal accounts, including the tragic mission that resulted in the death of President John F.Kennedy's older brother, Joe Kennedy,Jr; it is a tale of high drama and heroism.

As we remember her

Sferrazza Anthony Carl

In "As we remember her", Carl Sferrazza Anthony, a historian of first ladies, paints the most personal, revealing portrait of Jackie to date- one that shows her not in the shadow of her famous husbands or frozen in the light of flashbulbs but as viewed herself over the years and as she was known by those closest to her.

Bob Kennedy

Kimball Penn

Italian version of the English book "Bobby Kennedy and the new politics".
This book was written when Bob Kennedy was still alive and running his 1968 Presidential campaign.

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